Serving the state of Idaho in Nampa, Boise, Caldwell, Garden City, and Twin Falls.

Pick-A-Part Jalopy Jungle serves the community of Boise, and Twin Falls as well as the surrounding areas. We offer the best value for self service recycled auto parts and the most competitive unwanted vehicle purchasing program! Give any of our 5 locations a call and see what we can do for you today.

Company Profile

Pick-A-Part Jalopy Jungle's roots can be traced back to the 1960's. Starting out on Garrity Blvd in Nampa growing to the 5 locations we now operate today. We purchase used and salvage vehicles from tow companies, private parties, auto auctions, charities and insurance companies. Each of our locations stocks hundreds of vehicles at a time and we are constantly refreshing our inventory with new arrivals to provide our customers with the widest selection of vehicles and parts. As vehicles arrive, we inspect them, remove and recycle vehicle fluids and hazardous materials and then place the vehicles on the sales floor where customers can access them. All of our stores are environmentally friendly and well organized with our customers' safety and convenience as our top priorities. When you visit a yard, you're sure to be impressed by the layout of our vehicles placed in orderly rows and grouped by make and model.


Know that when you choose us to sell your car to, our environmental practices are second to none. From our extensive experience, we have implemented standardized policies and procedures at all locations for managing vehicles and disposing of hazardous wastes. In fact, our best practices set many of the standards adopted by our community to follow. All of these efforts taken together protect the environment, beautify our neighborhoods and reduce the cost of new goods by returning valuable raw materials into production.

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