What are "Self Serve Auto Parts"?

Pick-A-Part Jalopy Jungle stores thousands of cars and trucks on stands, arranged in rows, and separated by manufacturer. Bring your own tools to remove the parts, drive train components or any other accessories you need to fix or improve your car or truck.

Why should I remove my own parts?

Our parts are sold at a fraction of what a dealer would charge and well below the cost of a traditional auto parts yard.

Can I expect to find high-quality parts?

Yes! Most of the parts at Pick-A-Part Jalopy Jungle are the original components the manufacturer installed when the car was built.

What happens if the part does not work or fit properly?

If the part you bought does not work or fit properly and you return it within 60 days of purchase, we will either exchange your part or give you store credit. There are no cash refunds.

Why do you charge a small entrance fee?

Our minimal fees help to offset the expenses of maintaining a state-of-the-art auto parts recycling center. The $1 entrance fee also includes use of restrooms, wheelbarrows, fuses, light bulbs, bolts and clips.

Do you buy new and older autos? How much do you pay?

Yes! We do buy both new and older vehicles even if they no longer run. The value of a car varies depending on the model and condition of the car. Click below to find out how much we'd be willing to pay for your car.

Will you remove my car or do I have to deliver it to you?

We'd be happy to arrange towing for you. However, if you bring it to us, we typically pay more for your junked auto.

What tools should I bring?

You must bring all the tools necessary to remove the parts you need from our vehicles. We do not supply any tools. We do supply lifts for heavy parts such as transmissions, engines and truck beds. All vehicles are on stands, which allows you to remove sub-frame parts. Jacks and cutting torches are not allowed in the yard.

Do I need the title to my vehicle?

Yes, you must be the legal owner with title in hand. Unfortunately we are unable to buy off of registration or any other method at this time.