A red car with an open hood


At Jalopy Jungle, we value your business and your safety. Because of this, we have strict safety rules to ensure the safety of both our employees and customers. When visiting one of our locations, you agree to assume all risks that may occur. Jalopy Jungle does not assume any responsibility for injury to your person or any vehicle damage while on site. Please use caution when entering Jalopy Jungle and while you are removing or carrying any vehicle parts. If you witness any hazardous behavior or conditions, please find and alert an employee immediately.

For safety reasons, unless you are making a purchase or a return, parts are not allowed in the store. We check all tool boxes and personal items (purses, bags, boxes, etc.) and reserve the right to refuse admission or service.

To ensure your safety:

  • No alcohol
  • No smoking
  • No open toed shoes
  • No glass
  • No body saws
  • No jacks
  • No batteries
  • No cores with oil
  • No torches or open flames
  • No children under 16 in the yard
  • Children in the waiting area must be accompanied by an adult

Additional safety tips:

  • Wear protective gloves when handling vehicle parts.
  • Wear closed toed shoes.
  • Stay in the designated walking areas.
  • Do not move/remove wheel stands that are under vehicles.
  • Do not jack vehicles up.
  • If picking in the rain, bring a poncho or umbrella.
  • During times of extreme heat, remember to stay hydrated and rested.