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Your Car Is Dead: When and Why You Should Take It to an Auto Recycler

Economics has a term for computing the cost benefit of choosing certain options over other options: opportunity cost. The idea behind it is that you're meant to find the activity or thing that most benefits you to invest in so you can lower your opportunity cost (what you have to give up).
So what happens when your car dies and the opportunity cost to fix it is just too high?
Whether you were recently in an accident that totaled your car or have a car that is so old and run into the ground that it's starting to look like a decaying corpse, it might be time to let your car go to car heaven.
Depending on your car's mileage, how often it's driven, and how hard you are on your vehicles, your car should have lasted you quite a while; the average car lasts between 6 and 12 years. But when you get to the point where it costs more to keep up with your car than it would to get rid of it, you should start considering selling your car to an auto recycler company.

Here are just a few benefits of selling your car to an auto recycler.


The first and most obvious benefit comes along with the word selling. You can make money from cars that don't even run when you sell them to auto recyclers. Even if you don't think that a particular company would be interested in buying your car because it's so worn down and rusted, many companies will still come out, look the car over, and give you a free estimate.
Often an old car will sell for a few hundred dollars, but the amount you receive can fluctuate depending on whether the auto recycler you're selling the vehicle to is scrapping it or salvaging it. The amount of money you receive will also depend on whether your car is drivable or not. The better condition your car is in, the more money you can typically earn.


When you sell your car to an auto recycler, not only do you get money for your vehicle, but you also get to reclaim whatever space the car was taking up. You likely need the area where your junk car was, whether it's so you can park a new car there or decide to use the area for something else.


If the money and space weren't enough, getting rid of your old clunker also gives you the perfect excuse to upgrade your car.

Newer cars have some amazing safety and Bluetooth features (even the basic models of most car brands now carry some of these features), so even though you might miss your rundown best friend, selling your old car gives you the opportunity to buy a new, more efficient, and more technologically advanced vehicle. From wireless hookup for speakers to lane-departure alerts, there are some really cool gadgets available in new cars.

When the cost to keep your car running no longer benefits you, it's time to find something that will. For a lot of people, the advantages that come with selling their cars to a local auto recycler outweighs the benefits of that car sitting in the driveway, decaying from damage due to an accident, or providing unreliable transportation.

If you're ready to see what your car is worth, contact Pick-A-Part Jalopy Jungle for a free estimate. We'll also provide you with damage-free removal if we decide to buy your car, or, if you prefer, you can bring your car into us. You can also contact us to learn more about our services and typical price range.